Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Sweet Sugar!

Dear Sugar Diary,
    Sugar. The one ingredient I use the most.  I buy more than 7 to 8 bags a week. In all of it's forms. Granulated...Raw...Powdered...White...Brown...Flavor Infused...liquid...etc. I stir..mix...break down...sprinkle..pour...knead...and cut sugar. A week ago as I stirred it into my coffee I wondered .."Where did it come from?" Who found this marvelous ingredient/preservative? So I researched a little & found that in 327 BC, Alexander the Great discovered the sugar cane!! Sugar was (for a very long time) considered only for the noble classes in Europe...can you imagine not having sugar in your life only because you weren't a noble? But I guess that even in ancient times you couldn't miss what you never had. ;)
  Then upon more reading & countless wonderfully informative websites I found out that "sweet" is the only taste humans are born desiring....hummm..interesting.....& very logical...I mean if your a mommy & have breast fed ... you have probably also been curious about what our own breastmilk tastes like & the first word I always used to describe it was SWEET..then warm. lol...then I read that breast milk offers the "smarter sugars"!!!
 [Lactose is the main sugar in breastmilk. The body breaks it down into two simpler sugars - glucose & galactose. Galactose is a valuable nutrient for brain tissue development. Anthropologists have demonstrated that the more intelligent species of mammals have greater amounts of lactose in their milk, & human milk contains one of the highest concentrations of lactose of any mammal milk. Cow milk & some cow milk formulas contain lactose, but not as much as HUMAN milk.]
 I am no historian or anthropologist...BUT...I guess that means that even before Alexander the Great "discovered" sugarcane, us mommies were already giving healthy doses of sweet smart sugars to our babies! =)  Score! ;)
I think back & remember the stories that my family would tell about life in our hometown of Camuy, Puerto Rico....working the Sugar Cane fields.....I also remember being given pieces of sugar cane as a treat to gnaw was a very long time ago.....but I remember . =) How different this world would be without this wonderful white sweet discovery! It would be a rather sour..bitter...salty one!  Oh! In 2001, scientists found sugar in outer space! Yup! So maybe even the cosmos have had a need for it....;) I mean once you get a taste for sugar there is no turning back right? (hee hee) So to conclude this rather "school essay" on sugar ....I will leave you with this..."Only when you have eaten a lemon do you appreciate what sugar is." ~ Ukrainian Proverb.
Have a sweet Sunday! Ciao!;)~SugarShey<3

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