Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer =)

Good Morning Dear Sugar Diary!

I have been M.I.A. for a while trying to gather my thoughts as well as getting things ready for this summer & trying to take a break. Things seem to be slowing down and that is fine by me=) But I have had so many moments in my absence that have been like "Oh this would make a great blog topic!" Then when I come and sit at the laptop they don't seem to translate well and I get frustrated and go do something else! So I will kinda just "play it by ear" and see what happens!

Over the past months I have really connected to lots of you online and that has been a great experience. You not only share my passion for cakes...but you are all also real people somewhere in this wide world going through the same stuff I go through on a daily. You all send me good vibes and I appreciate it! =)

 I had posted about taking a break from cakes for the summer and immediately was bombarded with tons of emails speculating as to my REASON. There is no juicy reason...No...I am not QUITTING.....No I am not angry....NO I haven't had a "fight" with anyone and NO I am not getting into something else. LOL! I simply feel like summer should be spent relaxing and playing with the kids and getting your house and life in order in time for the new school year=) I am not ill.....I am not "OVER" caking. I was doing 6-8 orders a weekend which meant I was on a very different schedule than Josh and the kids....which made it hard for them to do stuff in the daytime because MOM(me) was sleeping or tired. I felt like I was either in the kitchen or at the store getting supplies. So there...that is my reason. I felt I needed to slow down. =) I felt like this most of the time:

Now I have cakes for the summer and cupcake orders but 1 or 2 a weekend....and when I look at my calendar I can breath! So now I can feel like this:

 I have some weddings...birthday cakes...cupcake orders for baby related events and even an X rated order! LOL..My very first one! I am excited about that one! I will post some pics and even finish up on the last blog post about what to do to get started. I didn't post a Part II immediately because a lot of people emailed me and I was answering that way.=) So I will try and finish that up and then post some recipes I have enjoyed and even talk about the ones that DIDN'T work! Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to continue to post! Keep up the great job you all are doing in your lives and with cakes....continue to experiment and to learn! Love you all! Ciao!