Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quatre Quarts~

Dear Sugar Diary,

  11:50 pm .....I have no work to do right now but still can't sleep! I am in bed with Project Runway on TV....sunflower seeds to coke zero to sip and a million ideas running through my mind. This ever happen to you? You know you should sleep...but exciting things are going through your mind so you sit up and start writing them down? That's me.

Dreams....they are meant to inspire and motivate...but sometimes it's also enough to make you shake with fear. I made it through this past weekend ...

1) 2 dozen Cupcakes for the Wells Fargo Employees
2)6 dozen cupcakes for our Sugar Skull Allstar competition winners
3)4 dozen cupcakes for a clients son's birthday
4) An ATV style cake
5) A two tier first communion cake
6) a two tier  paint splatter cake with a dozen cupcakes
7)Baseball Cap Cake
8) and the super fun Burger cake =)

I was super spent ...especially after delivering the Communion Cake to Tucson...but I did get to go to Micheal's so it was worth it! I got some really cute cupcake wrappers and some very useful cookie cutters. =) My family went with me and we had fun shopping and people watching. When we finally made it home I fell asleep....FOR 12 HOURS!

I called my mom the next the day....and we had a good chat....she told me to slow down...take it easy on the orders....but I had to tell her how I looked at it....I told her that for now I am loving the rush and the creating and for me it works right now...It makes me feel productive....I may not be saving the world but I am putting smiles on faces and that in turn puts a smile on mine. OH! AND....I came across a new recipe...a pound cake recipe that I had to try....I made half of it to test and it was delish! Yay! So here is that recipe before I forget! I like saying the name of it in a french accent...ha ha ... "Quatre Quarts!" I see the adorable Ratatouille in my minds eye..he he he....

You will love this pound cake especially for sculpting ! I did. And it tastes buttery...I love buttery! =) I love a cake that you can cut into with minimal crumbs when your trying to get a specific shape. This cake is that cake.;) So now the time is 12:52am and I think my eyelids are trying to tell me they would like to be closed....I will try to get you the other recipes I "discovered" this past weekend....some I haven't even tried out yet but I will! I will do my best to report back to you! Nite nite friends! Stay warm and cozy! =)

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