Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Clemes Cake

Dear Sugar Diary,

     I finally BEAT Mr. Procrastination! I baked the St Clemens cake=) I will try to explain and describe it as best I can......

  The process was simple...the ingredients were very basic. I mixed it for about 10 minutes because I kept thinking I missed an ingredient. The batter is very thick...I didn't anticipate that but I went with it. As I zested the orange and lemon the aroma was so delicious I just wanted to do it all around the house =) Such a crisp clean smell! Mmmmm...

The inside of my mixing bowl...with the orange zest sitting on the batter...

 Then I scooped it out into a greased and floured 9 inch square pan....I knew I didn't have enough to make it all the way to the edge but since I was just wanting to test FLVOR and not appearance I didn't let it bother me....but my OCD kicked it and I kept trying to make it go all the way to the placed it in the oven and kept an eye on it baked for 23 minutes on 350. Immediately I was shocked by how far it looked like bread! But smelled like oranges and lemons. =) 
Doesn't it look like bread?
Since the edges weren't squared I decided to use a ring and cut the center out into a little 4 inch circle. I let it cool and decided that it is too late to start some lemon i would just dust this one with powdered sugar .... and let my kids tell me how they think it tastes.
This is a close up of the's a large crumb...somewhat dense.

I dusted it using a stencil of some flowers....just to give it some visual appeal....but by this time I was kicking myself for not whipping some cream or making the lemon curd. Nothing new! =\ But it is mid night now and I need to bake some other things before morning!
   So this is what it looked like in the end....mind you it took all just under an hour!

You can smell the citrus...that is undeniable....and the crumb is ok....I will have to go back and re do this with some kind of filling....the taste is good..That's what the kiddos said..I think it could have been sweeter.but then again...maybe it was just the fact that I have very little experience with citrusy type cakes....I would definitely use this recipe again....for a get together with family or friends because the prep and bake time is so short. Raspberries would make it even more cheerful;) So I am happy with it overall...I am also glad I finally got over the "let me try it another day" thing! I finally did it and got that out of my system....until the next time a recipe calls out to me! ;) Good night friends! May you all have peaceful dreams.=)

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