Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mix Up

Dear Sugar Diary,
   This past weekend was great....had two orders and the rest time of the time to relax with my family.  But this weekend also was a first. It was a moment that you wish you could change but you can't even if you try as hard as you could. I misplaced an order. YUP.....misplaced an order!!!!! I had the Mops cake to do for the fundraiser and a Curious George Cake to do for a birthday party.....and there was also another cake...a request for an XBOX.

 I had just uploaded the pictures of the Curious George cake when I received a message online was short & said " Hi Shey, is my cake ready?" I thought it was a joke ...that was my first feeling "This must be a joke".....I looked & looked at the name and it didn't ring a bell at all.....I wrote back...."I only had 2 cakes for this weekend...=(" The person then wrote " The Xbox cake." My heart sunk....I felt sick...I frowned...why? Because I remembered!!!!! I remembered I had talked on the PHONE with someone a month earlier and scribbled everything down on a piece of random paper .... that paper had been put on my freezer with sketches of other cakes and not on my email stack ...=\. My whole business is run through email is rare that I get a phone call..or even meet a client...emails are good because it is the first thing I check when I wake up and I can go back as many times as I want to check the details ..etc.
  I felt mortified....I wrote her back and apologized....I tried to tell her I could still make it that Saturday but just for a different time ...or I could discount her other order she placed for May.....she simply wrote back "Nevermind and cancel the cake for May." OH MY GOD! My first super angry customer!!!! What will I do???? How will this be fixed? I couldn't blame her for being angry! I wrote back " Ok no prob...and I am so sorry for the error on my part" I couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the night.....I wanted to find a way to make it up to her...but I knew if she was angry nothing would really be I tried to accept the fact that one missed order in 2 years (since I started) wasn't as bad and that maybe I could make something as a treaty and show her that I am not irresponsible...I just made a mistake! But she doesn't know me & now I worried that her impression of me was forever ruined. Things like this weigh heavy on me. BUT....later on that night she wrote me again....

"Ms. Shea
Sorry about all the confusion, I didn't realize I had to email you the order. I was upset earlier because I had no cake. I would still like to order a graduation cake if, it's not to late."

HALLELUJAH!!!! I was so happy! Then she asked for my cell again but before I had a chance to answer she called! I talked to her and I am not gonna lie I was scared! lol...for real! She explained she had no idea that she could have sent an email...(a friend told her about me) and she wasnt mad anymore and we chit chatted and everything is ok once again!!! I have very bad anxiety over things like this....she also ordered a new cake and the graduation cake! I am so grateful. And I guess the moral of this story is "Honesty IS the best policy!" I didn't try to cover up my mistake....I told her the truth....and she appreciated the fact that I faced up to that. So friends....if your ever in the predicament of a botched order...just apologize..face it head on and hopefully things will turn out just right. In this case they did. Thank Goodness! =)

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