Thursday, February 23, 2012


Dear Sugar Diary:
    I am having a super late dinner....and thinking about the things I hear on a daily basis...some are genuine....some are insulting....some are just outrageous! So I will share my list :


1- "Hi Shey... I was wondering how much for a cake?"
...yup just like explanation...just the cost of a cake in general I guess.....-_-

2- "Hi Shey...can you make me a cake for tomorrow Morning? ...I know it is short notice but..."
Current time is 8pm...What goes thru my mind:  Hummm...yeaaaahhhhh..-_-..IT IS SHORT NOTICE .I wasn't thinking of sleeping ..eating or even bathing this weekend......Let me wave my magic spatula and whip that right up for you.....-_-

3- "Hi Shey ..My name is so and so and you made a cake for my friends blah blah blah.....I would love to have one of your cakes at MY event....well I was thinking...a 3 tiered cake in these specific colors...for 80+ guests...with bells and whistles....and a txt banner with LED lights saying blah blah blah blah.......and I want each tier to be a different flavor and I would like it to be delivered and set up by much would that be?" ....
Me: " Well 80+ servings? That would start out at $$$.....and bells and whistles are $$$ and all different flavors? and a txt banner? Well some more $$$....and delivered to WHERE (somewhere way out of town)and SET UP?? That will be $$$. Usually this is followed by a moment of silence before I hear " How much would a 1 tiered cake be in those same colors?" -_-

4- "Hi there I am so and so and was wondering if I could bake the cakes and you would decorate them for me?

5- "Hi I would love a cake for such and such date...I am going to pay you with a personal check...could you not cash it till next Monday?"
 "Okay ...well how about I just bring you that cake next Monday?"

Okay Okay Okay! Don't get the wrong impression! I never answer that way! I don't!(pinky promise ;) I usually take every single last minute order as long as my work load isn't already super full....BUT sometimes you just wonder about what people think I do all day.....I love baking and decorating but I also have 1,000 other things to do in between. lol, It is called MY LIFE. I don't think it is fair to take time away from a clients cake who placed their order 2 months ago for next Friday when you wait to order yours next Thursday! Also if you have no idea what it takes to create a cake time wise and money wise I suggest you research first.  Idk ...people are just different and think different....These were just examples of things I get asked and told daily and I hope you get a chuckle out of it. Well I better get back to my prep for weekend orders! Hope you all have a blast making your weekend orders....I know I will! =)  I love my clients!!!

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