Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patience ,Focus & Pride

Dear Sugar Diary,
    Hi again...I had some time between now and my next project so I figured I would sit and see what came out=)

    Have you ever asked yourself "What would I be doing if I wasn't doing ___?(insert your job)...I have!...Lots of times...and for some reason right now I don't have an answer. Honestly, I have no idea. I have done so many different things & caking is by far the BEST job role ever...It doesn't FEEL like work at all so maybe that is the whole secret...=) .... I am not an expert by any means ...or anything like that...(even though my 8 yr old thinks so;)But I absolutely  LOVE the whole caking world and all it has to offer!!! I have worked as a waitress too many times.....bartender for way too the hotel industry(Marriott & Hilton).....I managed a Deli.....I taught Spanish.....I was a painter for store fronts in Puerto Rico......I worked at a tattoo shop....collections agency....I worked at Target... at Ross....and I guess the one thing each of these jobs have in common is PEOPLE.

    Caking is all about people too. From the minute you get a phone call inquiring about a cake or an email...or even just on is all about people...making someone happy and a satisfied that will return for more orders. Even your fans...the wonderful people that encourage you day to day and stop by your fan page to leave a comment . Then there are the people at home ...your family who all morph into specific roles in your caking fiance is my delivery daughter(12) is my official cake holder in the 8 yr old loves to give me ideas...and my 13 yr old is my official taste tester.=) I consider myself a home connecting to people even if only online is nice. ;)
 What else have I learned from caking? Patience. It is totally new for me. I never had any before. But you HAVE to learn patience if you would like to cake  at all. I have also learned to can't have your brain in 10 different places when making a recipe or you will fail. I have, and that's how I know. ;) So I can't complain about what caking has brought into my life.....Friends...Patience...and focus. Oooooo...PRIDE...a pride for my work. Something I can't really describe but I think it looks like when you see a little kid peddle his own bike for the first time all the way down the sidewalk all by himself! That's exactly how I feel when I see my clients happy. So don't let anything stand in your way if caking is your is a job full of satisfaction....don't loose focus...and be patient....very very patient. You will never learn EVERYTHING....and the things you DO learn will always have room to be improved. So fellow cakers...aspiring cakers....and everyone that LOVES cake: CAKE ON! =D

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