Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dear Sugar Diary,
I am completely new to I may take a while to warm up to this. I am going to treat this like a diary...(like when I was in 6th grade but less dramatic. )
Today was a totally productive day.....I sketched for my life. 3 sketches before 10am....then another 2 by 3pm. It was necessary. I have a nice work load for the weekend....some cupcake orders....and a cake. Oh how I look forward to the weekends with mixed emotion...while "caking" is my absolute also takes a lot of the time I used to use to do neat things like go Ghost Town hunting with my fiance and kids.
I got into "caking" in 2010....the things that I have done since then are beyond what I ever even thought making cakes could or would bring into my life. I have a ton of new "friends" now who also 'cake" and that alone is amazing. Having a group of people that love what you love is invaluable for the learning process and even just to vent sometimes. Yes...VENT! lol....Cry....Yes CRY! and also laugh.....=)
In this crazy yet fun journey I have "youtubed" my way into fondant...gumpaste...buttercream and the endless creativity that other gracious cakers have selflessly put out there for hungry newbies like myself. I tip my hat to you ladies and gents!!! Thank You! And the shows! The countless shows that cater to people like me!!! All the cake shows.....its like a drug! I can't look away even if it's a rerun!!! I can only pray that the cake Gods will one day bestow that kind of talent into my brain and hands, I hope that one day I will be able to ice a cake smooth or make a gumpaste flower that fools until then I will humbly continue to admire the top dogs in this industry.....I will willingly take advice...pointers...critiques from my peers and continue to grow as a baker ....decorator...student and I will also try my best to stay humble. I will continue to help who ever asks for help or advice...and I will follow my oven wherever it leads me! Good Night Diary.....::yawn:: I am so sleepy! ;) Nitey Nite!

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