Monday, February 27, 2012


Dear Cake Diary,

    Good Morning....just woke up...and feeling like today is gonna be a productive day. =)

Today I would like to address an email question I have gotten repeatedly. The "Chocolate Ganache" question....lets say it together... "Ga-Nashhh" sounds fancy huh ? It just means "chocolate and cream" ...but let's face it- anything we say in french is going to sound fancy! Chocolate Ganache is very simple to make and virtually fool proof. (I say virtually because I have messed it up ;P ). The way I make ganache is this : I put 2 cups of cream in a little saucepan and let it sit on medium heat till right before it is about to another bowl I place the chocolate (about 16 ounces) all chopped up nicely then you take the hot cream and pour it over the chocolate ... I let it sit for a minute so it starts melting...then with a wooden or plastic spoon I stir it till it is smooth. (no lumps!) Then put it in the fridge , chilling it so you can spread it. This part may take a few hours and you will need to watch the kitchen because once the kids spot it there may be no ganache left for your cake! lol
  Chilling the ganache overnight is  best in my opinion...but if you don't have time for that start it at least 4 hours before you have to use it. Also..remember that the better your chocolate the better your ganache will be....=)   You may find lots of recipes calling for extra steps....or giving brand names ...this is merely what I do and what I have had work for me. It has turned out great and I will stick to this . You can also lace it with liquor....If your going to add liquor remember that you need to reduce the cream! Let's say you add 1/3 cup of your favorite liquor to the ganache...then reduce the cream from two cups to 1  3/4 cup. =)
 So there ...I hope the whole ganache mystery has been solved and I hope you try it! It is delicious! Happy Ganache-ing!=)

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