Sunday, April 22, 2012

Internet Cake Friendships

Dear Sugar Diary,
    Hey again! How is it going?? Things will be back to normal soon and I will blog more I promise! Thank you for still finding time to email me ! You all are always so encouraging and just awesome! I have been at my table making decorations while having my "forever full"cup of coffee and answering all your emails makes me smile. I know we are all online and in different parts of the country and  world even but it really has sparked some friendships that make me wish I lived everywhere! A true cosmopolitan citizen of the world! I laugh with you via "lol's" and "ha ha ha's" and we are sad together via "=( or ='(" We even get happy for each other via "Yays! and Hooray's!"  We exchange pictures and critique each other and even just chat about whatever...not even cake related.

A couple of weeks ago I asked a question on my Facebook Fan page asking what group or clique you belonged to in high school....I was looking for a common thread ....something that may link all of us even if we didn't bake or decorate cakes back then....and the most common pattern that kept recurring in answers and in emails was this: Most of us weren't the "cool" kids....or the most popular kids.....we were creative geeks...and the ones that had friends in many circles. I myself was a friend of every group.....and very artistic and creative. It is nice to NOT be in High School anymore..but sometimes Facebook makes it seem like we still are huh? You start noticing certain cliques and friends that "hang" together popularity contests....and rivalry. It really is all so funny to me now that I am in my 30's. I don't bake to make anyone upset and I don't bake to get approved by anyone. I don't post pics because I am striving to have a pic "liked" the most .... I have friends and family and clients that  really do want to see what I am up for them I post. Pictures and video are the only way to get noticed for what you do online. I mean ...I could describe a cake in words but I don't think it would have the same effect as a pic...LOL!

All in all the online caking community has been amazing....a place to go where EVERYBODY knows what you are talking about all the time. If I was to call a non-caker friend and say:
" I just spent 2 hours answering email orders and then spent 2 more hours re ordering supplies online...and 4 hours making batches of fondant".....they would (and have) most certainly look at me and say "Well..Shey it sounds like your life is very HARD...chit chatting with and playing with play-doh..while some of us actually get up and GO TO WORK" =\  ...=\

But at any time of the day I can come here and say that very same thing and everyone is sooooo understanding and awesome....saying things like " Can't wait to see what your working on..." or "What site do you shop on? Such and such site is cheaper!"

                                            You guys make my days happy!

You get me. You sympathize with me. You get it....all of it! And for that THANK YOU! So with that said I will have to wave goodbye for now......I am supposed to be making a cake but I fell asleep and just woke up! Ciao! I will be back shortly! Keep those emails comin! =)


  1. thank u for posting this ..i love ur work ...when i first created a fb page for my cakes and cookies etc ...i thought thats how it went ...u liked a page ..gave compliments and u would get a return like back lol ...not the case i have found that there r cliques in the cake ,,cookie and other skill making areas i do agree with u 100 % ....may view has changed tremedously ...i love what i do no matter how many likes i get or dont get ...great post thanks !!!!(CC's Creative Cakes and more ) christy

    1. Aww ... yes there are cliques and circles that are as tight as....well...let me be! It is all petty and child like...after all we are all in the same
      "field" and we should encourage one another ...not feel threatened or envious. =\ That's why I love my online friends and welcome the new ones...=) pay no attention to negative ju-ju! =) Oh and your work is amazing and I feel honored that you stopped by to read this! =)

  2. Hey Shey, another wonderful post! I have to say I agree with you and I for one am glad I am in your clique! hehehe! I think you are an amazing artist and I LOVE your personality! You and I are alike in many ways, and I love our chit chat conversations too! I am always looking for your next post to see what wonderful things you are working on! Sending you much cakey love! xoxoxo